Autumn Self Care

Autumn is the time of year when the leaves fall from the trees and life seems to become slower. As this special season arrives, we can embrace this slower pace, and take time to practice self care using these fun and seasonally themed activities. 

Read on to see how you can best embody the energy of Autumn for support, guidance, and care this season. 

-Declutter. Autumn is a time of letting go and releasing, so take stock of all the clutter that may have accumulated over the summer months and let it go! Donate old clothes, clear out desk drawers, and organize your pantries. Be like the trees and release what is old and dead. Think beyond physical decluttering and take time to declutter your inner world  as well. Observe old thought patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving and work to shift them using positive affirmations. When we declutter, we are creating a powerful, energetic shift both within and without that opens up the space for newness to enter our lives. 

-Rest and Reflect. Autumn is a season that encourages us to slow down and evaluate how far we have come. This season, take time to write about where you have been on your journey up until this point. As you journal, write about all of the things you are ready to release- these may be tangible objects you no longer like, or this can be old relationships, feelings, or an outdated perspective. 

-Get cozy. Autumn is a time where we feel the innate desire to slow down, curl up, and be nourished. Create a special space for yourself in your bedroom or home that amplifies the energy of the season. Place candles, photos of loved ones, vision boards, comfy pillows and blankets, and anything else that feels supportive and cozy for you. This space will be your safe sanctuary for the season, so make it as dreamy and feel-good as possible. This will be the place you can go for healing, reflection, self care, and rest.

Autumn is a time of release and of honoring your needs. As we flow into this season, embrace a slower pace of life and make time for much needed self care. 

Enjoy these simple ways to feel good this Fall, and feel free to snap a photo of any of your Autumn Self Care practices- just be sure to tag us on IG ( ) and your pic will be reposted to our page!