Continuing the Journey of Self Acceptance

Learning to love ourselves is a journey, with many chapters along the way. We all travel this unique path in our timing, and we all have our own specific challenges to overcome along the way. As we learn to love ourselves, a necessary step along this path is learning to accept ourselves, for who we are and where we are right now. Accepting ourselves means honoring all parts of who we are, and knowing that we are good enough. Accepting ourselves also means learning to integrate all aspects of ourselves into the wholeness of our being- our shadows, our light, our mistakes, and our gifts. Self Acceptance means aligning with the realization that we are already Whole, we just need to practice acknowledging, honoring, and loving every bit of who we are. 

Today I’d like to share this poem I have written about Self Acceptance in the hopes that it will inspire, uplift, and remind you that you are worthy, beautiful, and more than enough exactly as you are in this moment. Feel free to read it out loud to yourself, maybe even standing in the mirror to truly align with this energy and intention.

I Accept Myself 

I accept myself 

In my light and in my dark

In all my cycles 

In all my seasons 

In this body

In this heart.

I am growing 

This inner knowing 

That I am 




That I belong 

That I am 

where I am 

Meant to be 

This breath, this moment, 

This life 

I accept it all. 

I accept me.

If you would like to continue going deeper into this journey of self acceptance, check out these 3 journal prompts and use them to practice honoring and loving all of who you are!

  1. What am I proud of myself for? 
  2. What is an aspect of myself that I am working to unconditionally love and accept? What is one small thing I can do to begin this process?
  3. If I could go back and speak to my younger self, what would I want to tell them? How can I take that same advice now for my present self?
  4. List three things that you love about yourself 
  5. List three things that you are learning to love about yourself 
  6. List one self care activity or idea that can assist you in learning to love these things about yourself. 

I hope that you continue taking steps on this journey of self love and self acceptance, and remember always that you are good enough and deserve to live a life of love, joy, and fulfillment.