Acceptance: The greatest gift we can give ourselves

Have you ever faced a challenge so big in your life that you spent time and energy resenting it, hating it, and wishing it would change? Have you ever had trouble accepting yourself for exactly who you are? Struggling with acceptance can be so difficult. Denial and resistance hold us back from the lessons and blessings of the present moment. Resisting acceptance also keeps us separated from our power, and unable to move forward. 

Acceptance is one of the most important gifts we can give to ourselves in this life. We can cultivate acceptance for ourselves as well as for our journeys. Self Acceptance is the first step in finding total freedom. 

Finding acceptance both for ourselves and our experiences means that we are allowing things to be just as they are, without controlling us. For example, what if we woke up and expected the sky to be green, simply because we really really wanted it to be? When we would wake up to a blue sky, we would be angry, hurt, confused, and distressed. This is akin to wanting to change something that is outside of our control in our own life experiences- we cannot allow the uncontrollable to control us. We must practice finding acceptance for the things we cannot change, so that we can focus our energy on the things that we can change: our mindset, our environment, our activities, and more. 

Taking charge of the aspects of ourselves and our lives that we can control is a deeply empowering part of our acceptance journey. Read on to explore a few journal prompts designed to help you begin finding acceptance, releasing resistance, and moving forward in grace, strength, and love. 

Acceptance Journal Prompts

  1. What does ‘accepting yourself’ mean to you? What do you imagine this total ‘Self Acceptance’ feels like? 
  2. Is there a challenge or situation you are currently facing requiring you to find acceptance? What benefits could accepting this situation bring to your life? 
  3. What parts of yourself do you already feel you accept?
  4. What parts of yourself are you still learning to accept and embrace?
  5. What are the aspects of your situation that are out of your control and how can you let go of them? 
  6. What are the aspects of your situation that are in your control? What positive changes or ideas could you implement to support you in this situation? 

Acceptance is Freedom, both when applied to ourselves and our experiences in life. Be brave as you learn to accept what life brings to you, and trust that you have everything you need to live a life of joy, peace, and growth.