Life is not a race

Life is not a race, and you are not behind.

 Sometimes, we may feel that life isn’t moving fast enough for us. We may find ourselves wishing to be somewhere else on our journey, and we may even focus on comparing ourselves to other people and their timelines. When we compare ourselves or judge our journey, we are taking ourselves out of alignment. The truth is, everything that is meant for you will happen for you- but you can’t force or rush it. Our life has its own unique timeline and our destinies will all unfold in different ways. This is why we mustn't rush ourselves or feel left behind when others begin to experience the life events that we so deeply yearn for. Instead, trust that by witnessing others move forward in life, you are moving forward too. When you witness other people experiencing the things that you desire to experience, trust that this is coming into your reality to be witnessed by you for a reason. Consider that by sharing in someone else’s joy, you are celebrating a future version of yourself. 

Understand that just because others have what you want, this doesn't mean that you can’t have this. You simply have to trust in your journey and embrace each moment along the way. If we focus on fast forwarding through parts of our journey, we miss vital experiences that are meant to help us learn, grow, and evolve so that we can step into a better and brighter future. Missing these lessons and growth opportunities would be detrimental to our soul evolution, and therefore, we must practice accepting and embracing where we are right now. 

Always remember that your life will unfold in its own special time. You have the power to set positive changes into motion whenever you’d like to, and you are never behind. 

Take your time, enjoy the journey, and trust where you are headed- even if you can’t see the whole path.