Holiday Crafts For All!

Holiday crafts are the perfect way to unite the family this season, and these special handmade creations can be used as decorations, gifts, or simply a joyful reminder of the Yule season. 

Making holiday crafts is a great way to spend an evening with friends or little ones, and is sure to result in some lifelong memories, and spectacular creations. 

Read on as I share my favorite holiday craft ideas that are easy, safe, and affordable for all! 

  1. Angel Ornament Making: All you need for this is colored paper, hot glue (or regular), large beads and ribbon. This is the perfect craft for making memorable ornaments, or even a garland of angels. These can be gifted or simply hung around your own home. Check out this link for a detailed video tutorial on how to do this:

DIY Paper ANGEL Ornament | Make Your Own Quick & Easy Pleated Paper Decoration | Christmas Tutorial

2.Painted Wooden Ornaments: This is another quick, easy, and fun craft that promises amazing results! Let your creativity run wild for this project and gather the following: Small pieces of wood (can be any shape, but flat round or square will work best), sandpaper to smooth the wood for painting, non-toxic acrylic paint, a small drill to make a hole for hanging the ribbon from, ribbon, and paintbrushes! For seasonally themed art, feel free to also use holiday stencils. 

Hand Painted Wood Christmas Ornaments | DIY Holiday

3. Christmas Cookies: This is a timeless classic and forever favorite! Not only does this creative craft result in tasty treats, but these also make a wonderful and festive gift to share! Choose your favorite iced sugar cookie recipe and get baking! For more festive fun, use a variety of Christmas themed cookie cutters and mix as many colors of icing as you’d like. Enjoy painting the cookies once baked and cooled. Enjoy! 

Share the joy of the holidays with your loved ones this season by trying these simple and affordable crafts. You are sure to create long lasting pieces, and memories that last forever. 

Happy holidays!