Have you loved you today?

Every day, we awaken to a new opportunity to celebrate ourselves and this life we have been given. The best way that we can honor ourselves and this gift of life is by turning love inwards, and showering our souls in nourishment. We did not come to this Earth to solely care for the needs of others. We came to understand ourselves from a Soul level, and to learn how to worship the sacred beauty of our existence. We were born to experience love, joy, and connection- and all of these things begin within. 

We must offer ourselves this energy first in order to be able to authentically share it. 

Many on this journey have been conditioned to be people pleasers- always putting the needs and emotions of others above their own. Living this way will slowly destroy you, turning you into someone you won’t recognize. It is never too late to begin putting yourself first. We can practice doing this by asking ourselves the simple question each day: “have I loved me today?” When you ask yourself this question, do not judge the answer that comes. If the answer is already yes, then celebrate the steps towards love and care that you have shown yourself and reflect on how this has made you feel. If the answer is no, then follow up with this question: “what is one way I can love me today?” Again, leave judgment at the door as the answer arises. However you are guided to offer yourself love, take steps in that direction and know that you are worthy of this. 

The moment we start actively practicing self love, everything begins to change. Self love is a journey and a practice. It is not something that we cultivate instantly, rather, it is like a seed in our hearts that requires daily nurturing so that it can grow and blossom. 

You are worthy of loving you today. Take the first steps now.