Journey to the Center of Your Heart


I was told by one of my teachers that the longest journey we will ever take is the one from our heads to our hearts. Why is this? Perhaps it is because it takes consistent practice and surrendering to let go of our ‘egoic minds’ and flow with the wisdom and intuition of our hearts. 

Learning how to connect with our hearts is a practice in and of itself. Once we become more familiar with this practice of living from a heart centered space, we are more capable of trusting our inner guidance, taking inspired action, and remaining in alignment with our dreams, goals, and values. 

If you feel disconnected from your heart, do not be discouraged. You are not alone. In many of our modern societies, this connection to our heart-space is not taught or talked about, yet I believe this is one of the most important and necessary things we will ever learn in our lives. 

So how do we begin this journey from ‘head to heart’? We can start simply, by creating  practice of ‘checking in’ with ourselves. One of the best and clearest pathways for this is in journaling. 

Read on as I share 3 journal prompts designed to take you on a journey closer and closer to your heart. The prompts are numbered 1-3 and I recommend that you do them in that order. Feel free to do them all at once, or space them out over the next 3 days or week. Be patient and gentle with yourself as you embark on this journey, and be open to whatever your heart has for you. 

1. How is my heart feeling today?

This is a journal prompt that can be revisited day after day, with different results. This prompt is the beginning of us turning inwards and literally asking our hearts- “how are you? I am listening without judgment.”

2.  What do you (Heart) need from me today? 

Now that we have checked in and asked our hearts how they are, we can now ask our hearts “what are your needs? And how can I meet them for us today?” Perhaps you’d like to simply free write or you can create a list of ways and actions to honor your needs and desires. 

3. How can I honor my heart today? 

This prompt asks us to once again turn inwards and allow our hearts to have a voice. What is in your heart? Is there a creative dream waiting to be expressed? Are there words your heart is yearning to share with someone? Does your heart feel most honored when you are engaging in your passions? 

Whatever you discover here- lean into honoring this beautiful aspect of yourself. Your heart’s wisdom is seeking to guide you to a life of joyful alignment, and we will only get there by practicing honoring this inner voice of guidance and wisdom. 

It is time to come home to your Sacred Heart.