Deepening the Connection to Your Heart Space

If you are coming from our last blog post ‘Journey to the Center of Your Heart’ then I am so glad you are continuing the journey of connecting to your inner wisdom and  intuition. If you are ready to begin connecting to your heart space on a deeper level, then I recommend beginning with the previous blog post just mentioned above. 

Today, we will continue this journey by practicing visualization and color therapy. These tools will help us cultivate a powerful connection to our hearts as we learn how to self regulate and tend to ourselves with loving compassion. 

Heart Connection Visualization Practice:

Begin by choosing a comfortable seated or lying down position for this practice. Ensure that your space feels as safe and comfortable as possible with the least amount of distractions. 

Place your hand over your heart center and simply begin to breathe deeply and fully, feeling your belly gently rise and fall as you do so. Now, as you relax deeper and deeper choose a color that resonates with the love energy in your heart center. Perhaps you choose a cool blue color, or a vibrant emerald, or even a shimmering rose-gold. Whatever color you choose, begin to visualize breathing that colored light into your body and watch as it literally lights up your heart and the space surrounding it. 

Continue breathing here and holding this visualization for at least a few minutes, or until you feel fully lit up from the inside out with the glowing radiance. See your entire aura glowing in this light, like you are wrapped in a protective and deeply nurturing cocoon of heart love and wisdom.

Whenever you feel ready to end this practice simply re-ground yourself with a few deep breaths, and connect to your entire body in the space you’re in. 

Feel free to journal about your experience after, and know that continued practice will deepen your connection to your heart as well as your ability to connect, listen, and honor what you find there.