Healing happens when we come together

Last night, I was honored to take part in a beautiful, healing Women’s Circle. This circle held loving space for women from all walks of life, and each woman brought her own story to the circle. 

As we gathered together and opened our hearts to acceptance, honesty, and compassion, so much healing took place. 

Many hearts brought stories of pain, heartache, and confusion. Many souls felt lost, alone, and frightened by what life had brought to them. Although there were many tears, by the end of the circle, even those who arrived feeling the lowest seemed to have light pouring from their hearts and auras. 

While the beautiful women around me took turns sharing their story, I realized that these women were offering each other the gift of divine reflection. Meaning, I could see a reflection of myself within each of them, and even as they shared stories of feeling unloved and unworthy, I saw their worthiness, their value, emanating from them and filling the space. My heart wanted to shout to each of them, “you are worthy, you have always been lovable, the world needs you here!” and as these waves of compassion filled my spirit, I humbly realized that I too was deserving of this same empathy and love. 

By being able to look at someone who is suffering and see their light, value, and worthiness, we become able to see the same within ourselves- even in our darkest moments. 

Joining with community to facilitate healing offers so many sacred gifts. We are able to share from our hearts and to be accepted for what we bring to the space. The emotions that are felt and experienced are all honored and validated; and each person is uplifted and celebrated for their bravery, authenticity, and openness. 

Healing alongside others shows us that we too are worthy of healing, and of being seen and heard. It shows us that even when we feel most alone, we are not. There is always someone out there going through the same thing as us, and there will always be others who seek to listen to and love you. 

This experience reminded me that we do not have to heal alone, and in fact, sometimes what we need is a hand to hold and the comfort of other’s to find peace and a path forward. 

Please remember that you are never alone, that you are loved, and that light always comes after the dark.