Homemade For the Holidays

Homemade gifts show that we really care, and I don’t know about you, but I love creating, gifting, and receiving homemade gifts. The beauty of homemade is that it can be small, simple, and low cost, all while showing deep love for the person who you are making it for. Homemade gifts are a great way to eliminate holiday shopping stress, and you can even recruit the kids to help with these simple ideas. 

Read on as I share 3 simple, affordable, and fun holiday homemade gifts:

  1. Make a candle! All you need to make your own candles is a bit of organic beeswax, coconut oil, a jar, and a wick. If you want a scent other than sweet beeswax, grab a bottle of essential oil and use a few drops in the wax mixture once melted. Making candles is so fun and provides a wonderful holiday gift! My favorite thing to do is thrift vintage mugs, jars, and teacups to turn into homemade candles. This gift is sure to light up any room. 
  2. A handwritten letter or card sharing how thankful you are for this person. This is a timeless gift.  Everyone enjoys feeling loved and celebrated for who they are, and that's exactly what this little love letter will do. Share with a friend or loved one how much they mean to you, write about your favorite memory, or simply share good wishes for their holiday season and new year. Either way, this gift will always be a winner.
  3. A framed photo, photo album, or scrapbook! This gift is simple and self explanatory, but so so special to receive. Choose your favorite photo, or collection of photos and share it with the people who matter most. Making a scrapbook can help you tell the story behind the photos and create a lasting legacy for your family. Framed photos can live eternally on the wall or shelf, always reminding you of joyful times and love shared. Enjoy the process of creating lasting memories. 

Have fun and get creative as you begin planning your gifts this year. Remember, that the Holidays do not have to be about consumption, instead it can be about honoring the abundance we already have, celebrating loved ones, and enjoying the present moment. 

Happy Holidays, Tribe!