You Are An Inspiration

You are an inspiration… even when you don’t realize it. 

You are a unique individual on a unique journey. On this journey there are many ups and downs, and we are all learning how to navigate these as best as we can. Just by breathing, living, and sharing your truth- you offer inspiration and light to others. 

A few days ago, I found myself in discussion with a friend who felt so low and lost. She mentioned how her life had become a place of struggle and darkness, and that she felt completely alone. She even said that she wondered if it would matter if she were here at all. My heart broke as we shared her sorrow together, and I couldn't help but think about how even in her darkest moments, she was still inspiring me. Because she showed up authentically, and shared her truth from her heart, she showed me that even when I find myself in darkness, I am not alone. She offered me the reminder that by simply sitting in our pain, we help to heal others, and the world around us. 

I believe that this is because when we show up authentically, we show others that it is okay to do so as well. We show others that life has challenges, that pain is real, and most importantly- that no one is alone. By taking the time to share her truth with me, not only did she offer inspiration, she also found solace and peace in the sharing of her story. She realized that she wasn;t alone, and that there were others who were willing to share the weight of her heaviness. Most importantly, she realized that this world needs her, and that her absence would create a powerful ripple that would affect many. 

I share this story today to remind you all that it is okay to find yourself in a moment of darkness. Please remember that you are never alone. Know that you can reach out to others for love and support, and you will find that you are so deeply cared for. Always remember that this world needs you. You have always belonged. 

Your story will inspire so many.