Happy Self Love Day!

Happy Valentine’s Tribe! I’d like to invite you to make today a day of Self Love, because no one is more worthy and deserving of being loved fully and unconditionally than you. 

Today is a day where we honor and celebrate who and what we love. Let’s turn that love inwards, and use it to cultivate care and nourishment for ourselves. 

Read on to explore our self love affirmations and journal prompts to help you get the love flowing! 

I show up for myself each day 

I am always loved, I am always lovable 

I am worthy and deserving of unconditional love and healthy relationships 

I focus on cultivating a healthy relationship with myself 

I cherish myself 

I love myself the way I want others to love me 

I am enough and I am special 

I celebrate my unique qualities 

I am learning to love all parts of myself 

Self Love Journal Prompts 

What needs of mine are arising today? How can I tend to them with love? 

What is one aspect of myself that I love? 

What is one aspect of myself that I am still learning to love? 

What is my favorite form of self care, and how can I incorporate this into my day? 

Always remember that it is so important to fill your own cup, to love yourself, and to honor your needs. You are special. Let this day remind you of all the reasons why you are loved and lovable. We are celebrating you!