Benefits of An At Home Yoga Practice

When most people think of a traditional yoga class, visions of a crowded studio packed with mats and too many people arise. You may even wonder- how can one feel comfortable enough to practice in this space?  

I’d like to introduce you to the In-Home Yoga Practice. 

The in-home yoga practice has gone on for ages- yet, during the pandemic, it really took off. Because studios were closed across the world, yogis were forced to lay their mats down in their own homes and find a way to continue practicing. 

Like so many, I fell deeply in love with my in-home practice, and I have discovered that it comes with a range of beautiful benefits that can’t always be found in a studio. 

Read on to explore the top 3 benefits of committing to an in-home Yoga practice 

  1. Cost and Accessibility. It is no surprise that switching to an in-home yoga practice will save you money, all while generating greater accessibility for a consistent practice. Yoga studios can easily cost hundreds of dollars a month for a membership, yet an in-home practice can be completely free. There are so many incredible resources online today, such as Youtube, which hosts hundreds of free classes. If you’re looking to cut costs but still want a personal teacher and that in-studio feel, consider joining a virtual studio- they are usually affordable and easily accessible.  Cutting costs means you can feel comfortably committed to your practice, and you can rest easy knowing that you don’t need to break the bank in order to have regular access to truly supportive resources.
  2. The ability to fully surrender. My favorite part of my in-home Yoga practice is the ability to completely let go. I find that when I’m practicing in a studio, part of me feels restricted, like I am unable to fully surrender due to the volume of other people in the space. When we are in a studio, we may subconsciously hold back the natural responses of our body in order to remain aligned with the etiquette of the shared space. At home, you are free to fully and completely relax. You can surrender to the emotions that arise, whether there are tears or laughter. You are free to moan and sigh and become more deeply open to the healing that your practice offers. I have found freedom in my ability to surrender during my home Yoga practice, and I see this as one of the most powerful, and life changing benefits. By eliminating all of the outside factors, your practice becomes raw, real, and grounded. Your yoga becomes more you
  3. The practice of self care within your own space. So often, I find that we, as humans, tend to search outside of ourselves for healing. I find that this can be reflected in our desire to cultivate healthy coping skills as well. We take our practice outside of our home space, and into the studio. But, what would happen if we regularly practiced self care within our home? By dedicating ourselves to learning how to self-care within our home- we are able to build a habit of this. We will learn overtime that when we begin to feel stressed, anxious, or depressed- that we have the space, the tools, and the ability to apply our self care without needing to change our environment. This transforms self care  into something that is much more readily accessible, approachable and impactful. We can simply sit down on our mats, open our hearts, and allow the practice and healing to unfold from there. 

Of course, the surest way to get the most benefit out of your yoga practice is by finding what works best for you. Whether that happens to be at home, or in the studio- stay true to your needs and  your practice will guide you.