Learning to Listen and Follow Your Heart

“Just follow your heart!” This is something that we hear all the time, but what does it really mean and how do we do it? While it sounds simple, it can prove to be a bit more challenging for some of us. 

Following our heart means that we are in tune with and aware of our internal guidance and intuition. Not only are we aware of these things, but we are able to act on them with trust, integrity, and an inner knowing that we are on the right path. 

Our hearts are our compass, and sometimes this compass surpasses logical thinking. This is okay! When we truly follow our hearts, we instinctively know what feels right, and therefore are able to make choices that resonate with our highest good, even if sometimes these choices can’t be logically rationalized. Only you know what feels right for you. 

How can we learn how to feel what is right, though? 

To start developing this relationship of trust and guidance with ourselves, we must learn how to recognize and clearly discern what a “yes” and a “no” feels like in our bodies. This can feel different for everyone! 

Think of a time where you clearly knew the right choice to make, and tune in to how your body feels as you reimagine this scenario. Now, as you imagine, think of the choice that feels right for you- notice how this feels in your body- do you experience a gut feeling? A calmness in your heart? Quiet in your mind? A feeling of joy with making this choice? Whatever you notice is okay. Feel free to write notes about your observations.

Now, considering the same scenario, allow yourself to imagine making the opposite choice, and notice where you feel this in your body. Do you experience a feeling of nervousness in your stomach? Do your hands feel clammy? Is there a feeling of coldness or disconnect within you? Again, whatever you notice here is okay. 

This is how you learn the language of your body and your heart. Once you become a bit more familiar with what a yes and no feels like for you, you can take that knowing into every other choice you have in life. 

Your heart always knows the path forward and is speaking to you each day, it is up to you to listen, and then act on this Heart-Led Guidance. It takes courage, trust, and listening; but this is so worth it. 

Go forth with love and let your heart lead the way.