Rise and Shine for an Amazing Day

When we wake in the morning, we may feel a strong yearning for peace, positivity, love, and joy. 

It is important to know and understand that this is yours to cultivate, and that these feelings come from within, rather than without. 

Don’t wait for someone else to make your day positive, instead, embrace your power and create this for yourself. 

It is up to us to nourish ourselves with daily love and support so that we can create our own joy, and experience a day lived in joyful alignment. 

Today I’d like to share with you my favorite morning affirmations and playlist; These are certain to raise your vibration, open your heart, and set the stage for a magical day. 

Morning Affirmations for an Amazing Day:

This is going to be an amazing day

I am taking steps towards my own joy and fulfillment

Today, I honor my needs and look after myself

I am so excited to be alive

I am listening to my voice of positivity

I am motivated and enthusiastic about my life

I care for my physical needs and appreciate my magnificent body

I love myself and I deserve the best life has to offer 

Every day, in every way, I am more and more successful

Today, I focus on all the good in my life

Repeat these affirmations as often as you can today! For an extra boost, write down your favorites and carry them with you as beautiful and empowering reminders- always there to return you to your positive intentions for the day. You are guaranteed to have an incredible experience! 

To keep the good vibes flowing, listen to this playlist full of positive and uplifting words and affirmations. Let the words and energy of the music elevate your Soul and fill you with love. Spotify link and song descriptions below:

Morning Playlist for joy, inspiration, and alignment:


  1. As I Wake in the Morning -Alexia Chellun
  2. Thrive -Hanna Leigh
  3. Take Life As She Comes -Sophia Rayne
  4. Energy -Tyla jane
  5. You Are Enough -Sleeping At Last
  6. Bless It Be -Sophia Rayne
  7. There’s A Light -Beautiful Chorus