Are you ready to welcome positive change into your life?

We know when we are ready for a change… we feel the urge for something different burning within us  and asking to be birthed. Sometimes, we might ignore this inner urge due to fear of change, but what if we lean into and honor this desire to transform and evolve? 

Change can be scary, but we must reconcile with the truth that change is the only constant in life, and that change is actually a beautiful gift. 

We have the power to create change anytime, any place. This means that for so much of our life, we are in control. 

So how do you  know when you’re ready to make a change?

Read on as I share 3 journal prompts that will help you get to the core of what you’re ready to change, and assist you in calling in these powerful transformations:

  1. Write about an area of your life that you would like to change. How would you like to change this? Be specific and describe what you would like your life to look like once things have changed for you in this area. 
  2. What was the hardest change I have had to make in my life up to this point? How has this change impacted me? Has this helped me become more accepting of change, or do I tend to feel resistance towards it? 
  3. What kind of changes must I make in order to evolve into the person I would like to be?

For more support as you go on this journey of befriending and embracing change, try these positive affirmations:

The universe supports my hopes and dreams 

I have the power to change the things I do not like 

I release control over the things I cannot change 

I honor and embrace the power I have to create a positive life 

I am courageous enough to recognize when it is time to let go 

I am creating new and healthy habits based on my heart’s desires

I have unlimited potential 

When change arrives, I let myself flow 

Always remember that you can create change anytime you are ready. Be brave, trust in the journey, and surrender to the magical flow of your unique life.