Yoga Poses for Back Pain Relief

Back pain is something that many people struggle with. Whether you're dealing with chronic discomfort, or acute pain points in the lower back- these simple yoga poses are sure to begin offering a sense of relief and release. These yoga poses are just suggestions and may not support everyone, if you experience consistent pain, I recommend seeing a professional. 

Read on to explore a few of my favorite low back pain relieving yoga poses, designed to be accessible to various body types and levels of mobility. 

Legs up the wall

 The benefits of this pose are as follows: 

-Alleviates low back pain and discomfort by increasing blood flow and removing pressure from the lumbar. 

-Relieves sciatica pain 

-Decreases leg and ankle swelling

-Improves overall blood flow

-Reduces headache tension

-Improves sleep 

To come into this nourishing pose, begin lying on your back, a few inches away from a wall. For a deeper release, feel free to place a cushion or bolster underneath your lumbar. When you are ready, lift your legs to the wall one at a time. Rest without holding up the legs, allowing the ankles to lean into the wall for support and stability. Rest here breathing deeply for at least 2 minutes and up to 10. When you are ready to release the pose, take your legs down one at a time and slowly shift to sitting upright. Enjoy the refreshing benefits of the pose! 

Low Lunge Variation/ Baby Dragon 

This pose focuses on opening up the hip flexors and stretching through the groin. You may be surprised to discover that tending to these places actually provides deep release in the lower back. If you are someone who sits for a large portion of your day, your hip flexors may be tight, constricted, and contributing to an imbalance in the lower back. By opening up these areas in the body, we support not only the hips, but the lower back too! 

The benefits of the pose are as follows:

-Release hip and back tension

-Deeply stretches hamstrings, quads, and groin muscles. 

-improves balance and focus 

To come into this pose, begin standing. Step one foot to the top of your mat, and bring your hands down to frame the foot in front, as you do so, bending into the front knee so that the front knee is just about over the ankle. Step the other foot to the back of the mat and lower down to your  knee. For a deeper stretch, keep the hands framing the foot and simply rest here. For more of a challenge, reach the arms up overhead- finding your balance in the lunge. Hold this pose as long as it feels good, and make sure to gently release when you are ready. 

-Supported Bridge Pose. 

The benefits of this pose are as follows:

-relieves headaches 

-soothes nervous system

-releases lower back tension using mild inversion

-improves digestion and circulation

-releases feelings of ‘heaviness’ in the lower abdomen and lumbar

To come into this pose, first gather your props. You can use either a pillow, a yoga block, a bolster, or even a small stack or hardcover books (though, if you're using this option I recommend placing a towel or blanket over the book to soften the surface and create more comfort). Plant your feet hip width apart, knees to the sky and press the feet into the floor to lift the lower back and hips. While lifted, place the block/bolster/pillow beneath the back and relax all of your weight into it. Hold this pose for at least 3 minutes and up to 10. Release slowly and carefully. Enjoy the relief! 

I hope that these simple poses can offer you support on your journey of seeking relief! These poses can be done just one at a time, or altogether as a restorative sequence.