It's time to release the limits holding you back

Do you remember being a child and believing that anything was possible? 

What happened to that sense of wonder? When did we stop believing?

The truth is that you have unlimited potential, and you are capable of achieving anything you desire. 

As we travel through life, we sometimes develop negative beliefs around not feeling good enough to have the life we really want. Beliefs like this can feel challenging to overcome, but it is possible. 

The way we relate to the belief that we have in ourselves strongly impacts the life we will have in the future. This is because over time, our beliefs shape our reality. 

The good news is that it is never too late to begin transforming your thought patterns and rewriting your story. 

It all starts with what we tell ourselves. 

Read on for my favorite affirmations to help you believe in yourself:

I am learning to believe in myself 

I am growing and learning every day

I have already accomplished so much on my journey 

I am confident and I value myself 

I believe in myself and my skills 

I acknowledge how far I have come 

I grow with every challenge 

I have or can easily get, anything I need to succeed

I am worthy of believing, achieving, and receiving the life of my dreams 

When I look in the mirror I see everything I want and everything I could ever need 

If you need more support and would like to go deeper on this journey, give these 3 journal prompts a try:

  1. If I believed I was capable of anything I would…
  2. Some limiting beliefs or thoughts that have been holding me back are…
  3. I will no longer believe that…

Practice believing in yourself because you are worthy, and trust that as you go on this journey, you will begin to transform other areas of your life as well. Always remember, that you are a powerful, and limitless being.