Connect to Your Roots: Base Chakra

We all need to feel safe, secure, and grounded in order to be successful. So often in life, we struggle with feelings of insecurity, instability, and lack of control. These experiences can feel challenging, and they take us away from the peace of the present moment. So, how can we lovingly tend to this and create a shift in our lives for the better?

It all comes down to the Root Chakra, or Muladhara in Sanskrit, which directly translates to “root support.” 

Our Root Chakra is our energy center connected to safety, stability, and groundedness.

When our Root Chakra becomes unbalanced, we strongly experience the effects in our emotional, physical, and mental bodies.  

We need a balanced and healthy Root chakra in order to feel safe, connected, and at ease within our bodies. When this energy center is empowered and nourished, we become firmly rooted within a foundation of strength to move forward from. 

When unbalanced, we can feel deeply insecure and unstable, experience intense fears around material security, and feel drained of life force energy. Our Root Chakra connects us to our primal nature, and is concerned with our Survival. Learning how to balance and activate our Root Chakras will help us move out of this survival mode, and into a place where we can truly thrive. 

There are many ways we can empower and nourish our chakras, and one of my favorite ways to do so is by using affirmations. 

Below are a few of the most powerful Root Chakra Affirmations that you can repeat and use anytime you feel disconnected from this vital energy center

My roots reach deep, I am connected to the core of me. 

All of my needs and desires are provided for.

I am safe in my body, I am safe in my world. 

I am secure and stable, and I trust life to bring me what I need

I am energized, strong, and stable

Repeat these Root Chakra affirmations while bringing your awareness to the base of the spine, where this chakra lives. Visualize a bright red, clear, sparkling ball of energy spinning there. Notice how this appears in your mind's eye- is the light dim, barely shining? Or, is the light bright and radiant, and the ball spinning quickly? This is an indicator of the health of your Root Chakra. Whatever you notice, do not be distressed. You can now come back to balance using this simple practice and you will soon feel the difference in your energy. 

For more Root Chakra healing give these journal prompts a try:

-How do I relate to the quality of strength? When do I feel strongest? 

-What fears or limiting beliefs are holding me back?

-What makes me feel safe?

Remember, there is no right or wrong answer here. Simply be honest and open with yourself, and trust in the process of this inner work. You are strong, supported, and grounded. Come home to yourself now.