A Love Letter to Those Who Are Healing

Dear you,

The journey to healing is not romantic, but it is necessary. 

True healing is not always pretty. Sometimes it looks like crying in the bathtub because the pain is still present. Other times, it looks like learning to accept words of kindness, and gestures of love from others.  

True healing is deeply courageous, and it is also terrifying. 

This journey can be challenging, as it requires looking at every part of yourself that is still hurting no matter how difficult or scary that may be.


So while healing is neither romantic or pretty, I know that healing is truly beautiful. 

Even through your darkest nights, your soul will still shine like a beacon and whisper for you to keep breathing, to be brave, and to continue moving forward. 

Healing is vulnerable, especially when we do so openly and loudly. Sharing your healing is one of the bravest things you can do- because healing out loud empowers others to do the same, without shame. 

 I am here for you, and it is my wish for you to know that there are many others who are also working to find self love in the darkest parts of themselves, and to integrate those things back into the light of the Heart. You are never alone, and you are forever supported on this path of courageous growth and transformation. 

Together, we move forward in bravery and belief. 

Belief that we can and will heal. 

Belief that we can and will change the world for future generations. 

It is up to you to believe that you are worth so much more than the wrongs you have suffered or the wrongs you have done unto others. 

Through healing, you can learn to forgive the unforgivable, because all that really means is having the courage to open up your heart so that love and light can reign supreme once again. Let the pain be met with love, for this is where the transformation happens. 

As Rumi says, “The wound is the place where the light enters you.”  

So allow your pains to be passages towards hope, grace, and healing. 

If you are seeking forgiveness from yourself or others, do not wait but claim it now; and rest in the truth that mistakes do not make you bad, wrong, or unworthy. 

Mistakes are a part of your journey, and you can use them to propel you forward towards compassion and growth- or you can allow them to keep you stuck in the past- immersed in shame and guilt. 

You have suffered enough by living in the past. Give yourself permission to find freedom through forgiveness and healing now. 

Forgive yourself because you are loved, and we all have the ability to change and transform. 

You are not the mistakes you have made. 

I see your courage, and your light; and I honor these qualities within you. 

Continue to be brave, to move through the messy parts of this journey, and rest in trust that what lies on the other side will be a greater love than you have ever known.