5 Quick Tips For Successful Meditation

Hey, friends!

I wanted to share some quick tips guaranteed to help ensure a successful meditation that will provide you with that moment of tranquility after a hectic day.

A Safe Space

One important part of meditation is being in a quiet surrounding that allows you to just be in the moment. Finding a place that brings you comfort, and solace is key. A place with frequent distraction and noise will not aid you in successfully meditating, so it is necessary to find your “safe place,” so to speak. This space might have a tapestry that brings you happiness, a house plant that makes you happy or peaceful aromatherapy scents that calm you. This place you choose will be your place of comfort and quiet- the perfect space for a successful meditation session!

Be Kind- To Yourself!

Achieving a successful meditation session will take practice and some attempts will go much better than others. Everyone has off days and being kind to yourself means that you don’t have to feel bad if things are not going as planned. Some factors that will play into your session are sleep, stress, and anxiety. It’s important to go easy on yourself when it comes to feeling the pressure of your everyday life. Letting go of these anxieties, stresses and obstacles in the moment will allow you to attain a beneficial meditation session. Even if the session doesn’t go your way, practice makes perfect! Forgive yourself and move on.

Find Your Relaxation Response

As you know, breathing in meditation is crucial to getting the full effects of a calm state. But forget about technique at this very moment. As you get ready to meditate, just take a few deep breaths. Taking a few deep breaths allows your body to relax, which is the polar opposite of a “fight or flight” nervous system response in a moment of anxiety. Stimulating the relaxation response is just what you need to start off a successful meditation session. Jumping into meditation after a moment of stress will not fare well. Allow yourself those few deep breaths to get ready.

Be Still

“Be silent, be still.” Easier said than done, right? As restless as you may feel, fidgeting or moving may be more of a distraction than anything. Remaining in one position while concentrating on your breathing will help you to focus and not be preoccupied by your own movement. If you’re not the sitting type, look into other meditations that allow you to lie down or walk during your session. There are so many ways to meditate- you don’t have to sit! When it comes to meditation the silence and lack of movement are just the tools you need to get that focus. 


As you know, breathing is the most important part of meditation. Put all your focus on the breathing. If a thought arises, it’s perfectly normal to acknowledge it. Then return to breathing, only paying attention to each inhale and exhale. This practice is called Mindfulness Meditation. You are recognizing the thought, then quickly reverting back to the central point of meditation- breathing. It will take practice to keep new thoughts from emerging but as long as you are keeping your focal point on the breaths, you will be able to achieve that mindful state of meditation. 

And there you have it. These quick tips are ready to guide you through meditation. As always, keep it positive.