Addie's Breathing Techniques

Hey guys,

Here to share some incredible breathing and mantra meditation techniques that will help you to restore some positive energy and bring you that wave of calm you really need today!

Let's be honest- on a typical day, you may not be focused on or aware of the impact your breathing can have in your daily life. I find that when I focus on my breathing, it allows me to relax and achieve a mantra level that is so incredibly beneficial to my well-being. Surrounding myself with things that provide me comfort, allow me to relax and focus on my breathing brings a new inner peace to my life. It is well known that breathing techniques can quickly aid in alleviating anxiety, depression and stress, helping those to overcome the obstacles of their day. Here are some tried and true tips to help attain mantra level meditation by using breathing techniques:

Basic Breathing

Let's start with a basic breathing technique to get you acquainted: Inhale for a count of 2-4 seconds, and then exhale for 4-6 seconds. Making sure you exhale longer than you inhale is key. Finding the perfect combination will come naturally as you practice this calming breathing technique. Focus on a specific object, sound or image that brings you solace to keep yourself free of distraction. You can also focus on each breath if that is helpful. If you decide to focus on an object, make sure it possesses traits that bring positivity. Maybe it's a chakra bracelet that provides you with a sense of healing. Maybe it’s a colorful tapestry that promotes calmness in your home. Whatever you choose to focus on, this simple breathing approach is one that will bring peace to your moment of anxiety, or the daily stresses in your life.

Introduction to Mantra

Now, let’s dive into two well known mantra techniques. For those of you who may not be familiar, mantra refers to a repeated slogan that helps you meditate.The Gauranga Mantra, a popular breathing technique, allows you to sit, stand or lie down. It is your own personal preference-being comfortable is crucial in attaining a mantra level meditation. Place your hands on the abdomen and breathe in. Focus on the expanding of your abdomen, breathing all the way in. Slowly exhale, contracting the abdomen. During your second outward breath, say the “Gauranga Mantra” out loud, dividing it into four syllables. Repeat this process for 2-5 minutes and then rest. Once you’ve entered the resting phase, that calmness will enter your body.This well known approach to breathing will have you feeling that peaceful vibe you’re searching for.

A breath mantra is similar to the Guaranga method because it involves an expression as you exhale. Form a phrase that is meaningful. Maybe it is words of inspiration or a feeling you wish to achieve. Inhale deeply, as done with the previous technique and start your phrase. Complete the phrase as you exhale. Staying attentive to the movement in the abdomen is important since you want to stay present and in the moment. An example would look as follows:

Breathe in “I am,” Exhale “Enough”

Breathe in “I am,” Exhale “Serene”

Breathe in “I have,” Exhale “Strength”

Overall, using a breathing technique and focusing on each deep breath and long exhale will help you to relax in this mantra meditation practice. Words of affirmation are a reminder of why meditation is so beneficial and can bring positivity to your day. Be kind and patient with yourself. Whichever breathing technique you choose, it’s important to surround yourself in an environment where you feel safe and peaceful. Your space is your safe place. With practice you will be able to reach that mantra level that leaves you feeling at ease and rejuvenated. 

That’s all for today's tips. Keep it positive, friends.