The Sunflower: A Symbol of Light & Positivity

This week, we are here to discuss what a sunflower truly represents. A sunflower can symbolize a variety of feelings- many of which we love and support in our mission to promote positivity and inner peace. Here are some of the associations and connections someone might have with the beautiful sunflower:


As many of you know, a sunflower is mostly known for its vibrant, golden yellow tones. Yellow is often known for being a color of happiness and laughter! The sunflower embodies these warm tones, thus making you feel happy thoughts and a sense of joy. The calming, distinctive color is enough to bring a smile to your face every single time. A reminder of happiness is what we all could use a little of sometimes!


During the growth of a sunflower, they face towards the sun in the blooming stage. Looking on the bright side, quite literally. You will often see that sunflowers are associated with light and positivity. They are the perfect symbol of optimism, as they are always looking for the sunlight to stay healthy and happy. The sun will always rise and that sunflower will always be there chasing it. Who doesn’t want to feel the positive vibes of a sunflower?


Since sunflowers naturally gravitate towards the light, a sunflower can sometimes represent honesty and truth. A sunflower's ability to always look to the light is an admirable quality and one that can represent truth for so many. There is something so sweet and inviting about the way a sunflower's relationship with light can symbolize honesty.


A true symbol of vitality and longevity, the sunflower is known to bloom year after year and possesses a strong root system, ensuring a vast lifetime. Because of the sunflower's ability to endure weather changes each and every year, it goes to show the longevity a sunflower can represent. They can weather through the storms and still make it out on top.

Spiritual Enlightenment

Because of this lovely flower's need for constant sun, this can sometimes symbolize a person's longing for enlightenment or spiritual guidance. A field of sunflowers could represent people on this earth looking for spiritual enlightenment to help guide them through life’s troubles. The need to look for the light for answers is so relatable to many.

These are just a few of the reasons why a sunflower can be so meaningful and our reason for wanting to bring them into your life. By incorporating the sunflower into our retail therapy membership, we feel it's the perfect representation of the joy we wish for all of you to have in your everyday. Wearing a sunflower can represent the spiritual person that you are, or the happiness that you choose to feel each and every day. Sunflowers are the perfect reminder to stay positive and optimistic about the future. Always look towards the light, friends.