How to Navigate These 5 Common Challenges You'll Face on Your Healing Journey...

Our self love journeys are filled with unique challenges and experiences, yet, there are some things we share. As we travel this path of learning to love ourselves, we may come up against some internal challenges that cause us to question whether or not we are even on the right path. We must acknowledge these ‘inner shadows’ and hold compassionate space for them, so that we can transform them into supportive patterns, thoughts, and actions. It is up to us to begin rewriting these inner stories, and this begins by addressing one pattern or behavior at a time and shifting it so that it becomes one that empowers and uplifts us. 

Have you struggled with these 5 BIG challenges on the self love journey? You are not alone! Read on—>

  1. Comparing yourself to others. Social media creates the natural urge for us to compare ourselves. Follow ONLY accounts that uplift, inspire, and support YOU. Unfollow accounts that cause you to feel less than enough or have you questioning your worth. Take control of your boundaries and begin finding ways to celebrate the authentic version of you as a way to fight the urge to compare. You are beautiful, worthy, and so special exactly as you are. 
  2. Dwelling on past mistakes and regrets. We all make mistakes, that is simply part of being human! What matters is how we move forward from our mistakes- rather than hating ourselves and staying stuck in shame and guilt, we must learn how to courageously offer ourselves the gift of forgiveness so that we can move on. Remember, nothing you have ever done has made you unlovable. You will always be worthy of love and forgiveness. It's time to move forward! 
  3. Seeking external validation. No matter how deeply we search outside of ourselves for validation, we will only be disappointed. The truth is that you do not need to be validated by anyone but yourself. Even if others don’t understand or see you for who you truly are, continue embracing your authentic self and validate yourself daily with kind words, thoughts, and actions. Surround yourself with people who accept and celebrate the real you! 
  4. Negative self talk. This may be one of the hardest things to overcome on our self love journey. Take baby steps to begin rewriting old thought patterns into ones that support and uplift you. Begin with one kind thought a day. Be patient with yourself as you break old thought patterns, and remain rooted in trust that you are worthy of this transformation. 
  5. People pleasing. People pleasing is a manifestation of low self worth- meaning that we don’t feel worthy of saying NO when we want to, or of taking space for ourselves if it means that the needs of others may be left unmet. Remember this: Saying NO is saying YES to ourselves. Develop supportive boundaries and respect them. Practice saying no when it feels right, and trust that those who truly love you, will honor your boundaries and choices!