YOGA STYLES 101: Which is right for me? PT 1: VINYASA


Yoga is a practice that encompasses many things. When deciding that you are ready to begin your yoga journey, it is important to be informed about the various styles so that you can make the best choice for your needs and desires. In this series, we will cover 3 commonly practiced styles of yoga (though, be aware that there are more), the benefits, and why each may or may not be right for you. 

Today we are exploring Vinyasa. 

Vinyasa refers to a style of yoga where flow is emphasized. What does this mean?Usually, this means that you will move through the poses seamlessly and in alignment with the flow of the breath. Practices like this are more dynamic, energizing, and invigorating. They tend to build strength and stamina along with flexibility. Though Vinyasa is more of a fiery style, it can be gentle and therapeutic. When focusing on cultivating a strong connection between the breath and body as one does in Vinyasa, a balanced mind and body can be achieved. Practices like this can also reduce stress, lower chronic pain, release endorphins, and naturally boost energy levels.

In traditional Vinyasa sequences, the inhale breath is usually connected to open, upward movements, while the exhale is commonly connected to folding, downward movements, or twists. Vinyasa classes leave one feeling a strong sense of unification between the mind, body, and spirit. 

When choosing your first Vinyasa class,make sure to explore a bit more about the studio, the instructor, and the class itself. Is this class listed with a “level”? This may mean that the class is specifically designed for intermediate or advanced Vinyasa Practitioners. It may also mean it is specifically for beginners! Most in-person and online studios cater to beginners, so if you're unsure, just ask! It is important for you to feel safe, supported, and seen in the space you choose to practice in. 

So, to sum things up: if you are looking for a yoga practice that is going to invigorate and awaken you, while building strength and stamina, along with cultivating a total mind, body, spirit connection that teaches you about the power of your breath- then Vinyasa could be for you! 


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