I always believed that who we are as people, is a product of what we have faced in this life. How we have been treated, the decisions we make, the unavoidable hardships that place themselves right in front of us with no escape. Even the happiest moments of our lives stay with us and continue to shape us until the day we take our last breath. But what if it wasn’t true. What if we are completely in charge of who we are and who we become?


One day you wake up and realize that every second that passes by is valuable. Within this realization there is change. You begin to realize that every second is a chance for you to reinvent who you are. You are the writer of your own story. Growth comes in knowing that each story needs a villain, a plot, a hero, character development, and a happily ever after. You are your own hero. Choose to be great and to not be afraid of leaving behind who you were, to be something better. Every breathe you take can be for a stronger, wiser, happier version of you.


Permit yourself to grow and change because it is the only way towards your happily ever after. Learn to be comfortable with change and let it take you to place where you are free to grow and reinvent yourself. Become familiar with the image you see when you think of the best version of yourself. What does that look like? What does that feel like? Take these mental notes and make visible to you every day. Repeat them until your action’s decisions mirror this version of you. Don’t stray away from the greatness that comes from dedicating every day to becoming the person you most wish to be.

Every day is a new opportunity to reflect on each moment of your life. Reflecting leads to learning and learning leads to growth. Choosing to start new is far from easy, but worth every growing pain. Imagine if every day was a fresh start. A new beginning. The renovated version of you is within you grasp every day. Through little decisions or giant life changes. Set habits, make goals, read affirmations, and repeat. Learn to choose yourself everyday and make it a priority. You are the superhero in your story. The moment you believe it, is the moment you will transform. We cheer you on as you take on this challenge. I believe in you. We believe in you. Now it is your turn.