Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Something I learned very quickly in life is that the strongest form of trust is built through the actions of others while accompanied with their words. Far too often I found myself easily falling for the sweet words of those with little intentions on following through. Throughout time I have learned to only accept proof of intention through the actions of others. Recently I started to wonder if I had the same trust for myself when it came to putting in the work for the affirmations, I was so dedicated to repeating every day. This is where I realized that actions truly do speak louder than words.


Affirmations are meant to build a pathway to a higher way of thinking and living. Although affirmations hold such a positive power, without action they become muted. Finding ways to apply your affirmations in your day-to-day life can increase the long term affect they have on your wellbeing. Imagine saying every morning that you are an amazing athlete who can walk any given distance. Although this affirmation is helpful, if you don’t go outside to walk every day, you leave those words in the air with no purpose. Being able to pair action with affirmation is a power team that can not be beat.


I began to brainstorm ways I could put my affirmations into action. One way I did so was by making to lines of post it notes side by side on my wall. One line had all the affirmations I needed to repeat daily. On the other side was the action that would help me put each affirmation into practice, giving myself the opportunity to see change in my life every single day. Day by day the smallest of changes would occur, and I would record these in a journal to see my progress. This alone only added to the feeling that I was progressing and moving forward. It was working!


With that being said, I encourage you to find ways to give your affirmations a chance to help you in your goals and the little changes that you want to make. You are intelligent and well equipped to find a way that works best for you. Believe that paired together, you can achieve anything you set your mind too. Believe in the power that you hold in your words and your actions. Use that to your advantage and set goals that lead you to your dream life. It is up to you. I believe in you!