Did You Read Your Affirmations Today?

The world has become so well acquainted with affirmations and the day to day affect they can have for each and every person. Often people set goals and find the affirmations that most inspire them and make many plans on how they can use these tools to change their lives. But what happens to these goals? Do the affirmations ever make it off the page to be read and repeated daily? More often than not, we tend to forget to check off our daily goals or recite our daily affirmations. How does this happen?  We have seen this so often that we decided to extend our hand in helping you find a way to apply these affirmations into your day-to-day life. So, let’s get started.


  • Vision Board

Many people have deeply benefited from taking snippets of their biggest dreams and aspirations and compiling them together on what we call a vision board. This helps remind you of the little things that make up the dream version of your future. This is a very affective way to keep these things present in your mind daily. Such as writing out your desired affirmations and goals and placing them on your vision board. This makes it easy to read every day while helping you stay on track to making progressive decisions that lead you to success.


  • Reminders

I know I am among many forgetful people who have the purest intentions in the world but lack the internal alarm clock necessary to remember these important things. There are several solutions to this very problem. One of these very helpful solutions are reminders. It is as easy as going on your phone and setting daily reminders that show up on your front screen reminding you take time and read your affirmations. Setting aside a time in your day where you dedicate a little amount of time to reading these affirmations will make a genuine difference in your day to day.


  • Notes and Letters

There are many who are visual people and learn quickly and efficiently through visuals. Sticky notes and notes written in obvious places may help remind you to complete your affirmations for the day. Write them out and spread them around your home or in places you visit or look at often, Places like a mirror or your car. A classic place for notes and letters is the front of your fridge! Wherever you find yourself the most in a day, leave yourself reminders to take a second and read your affirmations.


We hope that these few ideas can help you feel more relaxed in finding a routine to incorporating your affirmations into your daily life. We know the importance and value that setting aside time to dedicate towards your mental health and self-talk can immensely change how you see the rest of your day and even your life. Choose a method today and try it out and see what works best for you. We know you can do it! Good luck and like always, we believe in you!