Just Breathe Sticker

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"Life can get pretty crazy and overwhelming. I put a "Just Breathe" Sticker on my laptop, hydro flask, and mirror so I can always remember that everything is going to be alright, I am going to make it through this!"

A Beautiful Mantra - Life gets stressful... Sometimes, it just takes a second to recollect yourself. Take a step back from the stress, and just breathe.

A Constant Positive Reminder  - Deep breathing has been used for generations to help those suffering from daily stress or anxiety. You are capable of anything. Show the world your strength! 

Can Be Applied To Anything - Easily add the sticker to your phone case, car, water bottle, laptop, mirror, or even a backpack. This sticker is there to remind you at all times. 

Hand Drawn Butterfly Symbol - Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. The added butterfly is there to remind you how loved, valued, and unique you are!



Caption: "Just Breathe"

Symbol: Butterfly

Size: 5.5in X 1.5in

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