Golden Sunrise Macramé

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Macramé are the dream catchers of the room.

Only, instead of catching bad dreams, Macramé catch bad energy.

For centuries, these beautiful, ornate wall pieces were hung as way to ward off evil, and simultaneously bring peace and calm to the inhabitants of the room in which they were set.

Not only did they serve an aesthetic function, but they added a degree of feng shui to the energy of any room or home.

These beautiful pieces of art have been crafted entirely by hand, using an old knotted design passed down for generations.

Every thread, every knot, has been carefully and meticulously hand-woven, and strung onto a wooden frame resembling bamboo.

Bamboo symbolizes the ability to bend, and not break, in times of stress and difficulty, just as the famous trees do in their thick groves of nature,

Bending with the heavy wind, and rain, but not breaking.

Place this art in your room to not only add to the beauty and décor, but to absorb any bad energy that may entire enter into your home,

and to remind yourself, in times of hardship,

Bend, but never break.


Product Details

  • 100% Pure Cotton Cord Material, Bamboo-like Wood
  • Hand-woven using a multiple-generations old knitting technique
  • Two Size Variants (Medium 24x36 inches and Large 34x48 inches)
  • Beautiful Bohemian Style
  • IN STOCK at our warehouse in Denver, Colorado and ships in 3-5 business days

Caring for your Macramé

For optimal use of your Macramé, we recommend doing the following to care for your beautiful, new wall décor:

Upon receiving your Macramé, carefully open the wrapping and unroll the Macramé piece

Run your hands through the bristling to comb any caught bristles, and reorganize the different folds to the desired shape and flow of the piece (remember, each piece has been hand-woven, and may unravel differently upon opening)

Place the unraveled Macramé outside in the sun to allow the sunlight and air to cleanse and recharge its energy (we also recommend doing this every 3 months to clean the energy that has been caught and trapped by the Macramé and to reset its power)