What are the benefits of screen time? PT 1

In this day and age, screen time is  a natural part of our everyday experience. Although screen time is so common and woven into so many different parts of our lives, it is extremely important that we maintain a healthy balance with how much screen time we engage in, as well as how we are interacting with our allotted screen time. 

To cultivate and maintain a healthy balance with your relationship to screen time, it can be helpful to understand both the benefits and the dangers of excessive, or unbalanced screen time. Read on as I share a little more about the benefits that technology has to offer-

Benefits of screen time:

  1. Access to information, educational resources, and social connections. These things are definite benefits from your screen time, though it remains important to remember that even when you are using tech wisely, it is still valuable to monitor the type of information you are consuming. Make sure that it is reliable and safe information. 
  2. Entertainment. This is probably one of the most popular ways to engage in screen time, and it can be relaxing, fun, and even a form of self care. The best benefit can come from balancing the time you spend using tech as entertainment, as well as carefully choosing the content you consume. Consuming negative, frightening, or graphic content can powerfully affect our mental health and nervous systems- so focus on consuming entertaining content that feels nourishing, uplifting, supportive, and educational. 
  3. Access to jobs and education. Many jobs and schools utilize tech as a way to make learning more accessible. This is a powerful benefit of screen time and one that you can use to your advantage. You can seek remote work from your computer, and you can even sign up for classes and courses from the comfort and safety of your own home. In this way, technology opens up many more avenues and resources for many different kinds of people. 

Always remember that balance is the most important thing when engaging with technology on a daily basis. Make sure to regularly take part in other activities that nourish and support you. Technology has so much to offer us, and we can continue using it for good in our lives, just ensure that you remain mindful of your relationship to the screen.