The Power of I AM

Abra Cadabra!
We are all familiar with this little spell, but does it hold any true magic?
Abra Cadabra stems from the Aramaic phrase Avra Kehdabra, meaning “I will create as I speak.” Indeed, there is much real magic here. Our thoughts and words are the most powerful tools we possess, yet many of us are unaware of the true effect our thoughts and vocabulary have on our life and the world we see around us.

The way we talk to ourselves is everything. When we speak negative thoughts and words about ourselves, we are coding ourselves with that energy, and our reality will reflect that energy back to us through relationships and experiences. What we speak, we create.

When I began my self love journey, I had to heal from extremely low self worth and value. I had spent years believing in my own lack of worthiness and during that period, I consistently found others treating me as worthless and invaluable too.
Have you heard the phrase “We accept the love we think we deserve”? I was so comfortable in my low self esteem and negative self talk that I truly believed receiving this treatment from others was all I could hope for.

As I began to heal and reprogram my thoughts using meditation, positive affirmations, and yoga; my self esteem began to elevate and I saw myself as worthy of receiving the truest love possible.

It all came from shifting my own “I AM” statements. By taking responsibility for my thoughts and words, I became a conscious creator of my reality.
How many times a day do we start a sentence with “I am,” only to follow it with something that is less than loving to ourselves?
The affirmation I Am allows us to choose who we will become at any moment, and it gives us the power to transform.

These two seemingly small words hold more power than any other phrase in the world. We can create a life of real magic when we decide to step into our power and take responsibility for what we affirm to ourselves each day. Who do you want to be at this moment?

Take heart in the knowledge that you have everything you need within you to begin now.
What is your I Am?


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