Come As You Are

Come one, come all, exactly as you are- and take a seat at the table of self acceptance.
The journey towards self acceptance is one towards a great and sacred embrace. Self acceptance asks us to bare our souls in bravery, truth, and vulnerability. “What blesses one, blesses all” and when we choose to accept ourselves and where we are at in life, we offer that blessing of understanding, non-judgment, and kindness to all others around us. Embracing full acceptance is necessary in order to thrive.

We are all unique- born with special talents, gifts, natural abilities and passions. Let us recognize these parts of ourselves and celebrate them. Let us also celebrate the aspects of ourselves that balance these gifts of light: our Shadow, our mistakes, our healing. Self acceptance asks us to practice Increasing awareness for all parts of ourselves and saying “I am enough right now. Who I am and where I am is more than enough.”

Accepting ourselves for who we truly are is the most profound gift we can give ourselves. We do not need to wait for permission or external validation to realize that we are enough. We live in an age where others' successes and achievements surround us constantly. So often our first reaction is to compare ourselves, which leaves us feeling incapable and unworthy.

It’s time to rewrite the story.

Celebrating the success of our community reminds us that we too are worthy of immense success and abundance. Look around and recognize that the beauty, light, power and success of others does not take away from yours, instead it offers you a vision for where you too are headed. That being said- as you heal, protect your boundaries and don’t be afraid to unfollow or separate yourself from social media accounts or real life situations that continuously trigger a feeling of lack or unworthiness.

You are worthy. Allow this narrative to be all around you.

As we travel this path towards self acceptance, we are invited to integrate all parts of the Self as a whole, our light and our dark, merging as one. Know that you are already complete. You are whole, and this is the Truth.

We may have forgotten this truth as we have fallen for the stories that because of our past or the things we have done, we are less than or undeserving. These old conditionings and beliefs have taught us to separate those aspects of ourselves that we deem negative or dark, leaving us feeling like we are not complete, or worthy of acceptance. This is not true.

You are more than enough and completely whole. Start to allow all those lost parts of yourself to come home. See yourself as beautiful and completely worthy. Begin today, one moment at a time, and allow this ocean of acceptance wash to over you.