The Elephant: A Symbol of Strength, Power & Good Fortune

Hey friends,

As some of you may know, the elephant is a symbol used popularly on clothing, accessories and more. What exactly does an elephant represent? That is a question you may be asking when you see them so widely used in fashion today. Realistically, the elephant symbolizes so many qualities and is known as one of, or even the most, relatable mammal to humans. From compassion and kindness to exuding strength and power, elephants are creatures that humans feel naturally drawn to. Here are some of the things an elephant represents and some of the values we share:

Commonalities Between Humans & Elephants

You may be surprised to find that humans and elephants share a lot of the same morals and interests. In addition, the elephant brain is the most complex of any land mammal, which allows them to be dynamic and highly adaptable. One other commonality is that the elephant has the ability of living many years just like humans, achieving wisdom and fulfilled lives. They are also highly compassionate and treasure the relationships they hold with their families. Elephants feel deeply, like us, and show affection similar to humans. Their loyalty to their community, families and children makes them so relatable, as we share similar values with our own. 

Strength & Power of the Elephant

As you know, elephants are the largest land mammal in the world- this comes with the idea that elephants are strong due to their size, and that they lead the pack in a sense. Their resilience is undeniable, and they are known to settle disputes among all the animals in their habitat. They hold a power that is beneficial to all animals. In history, they are affiliated with spiritual gods and also symbolize royalty. With the strength and power they hold comes that hint of compassion and because of those qualities, they get the utmost respect from all other species. 

A Trusted Good Luck Charm

Many years ago in Southeast Asia and India, elephants were worshiped as a symbol of luck. In many religions, the elephant is pictured with a spiritual god and holds a deep representation of luck, success and wisdom. In culture today, the elephant is still holding that lucky symbolization- when the elephant's trunk is up, it can mean he will shower you with the blessing of good fortune. This is why you will sometimes see people with lots of elephant decor throughout their homes. Many people adore symbols of good luck and wearing an elephant or bringing elephants into your home can bring you comfort in knowing they can bring positivity and good fortune.

A Wise, Intelligent Species

There is no denying that they have the ability to live a long life. As you know, wisdom follows with age which allows the elephant to be trusted species for all to turn to. Combine that with the strength and power they hold in any animal kingdom and you’ve got the perfect friend in an elephant. Thanks to their highly developed brains, it allows them to think deeper and feel intense emotion that other animals don’t have the ability to feel. With their capability to feel and think comes patience and grace- two other qualities that make them so relatable to humans.

From loyalty and compassion to power and good luck, elephants hold so many representations that people can easily relate to and want to have in their daily lives. Vibes Tribe prides themselves on providing elephant clothing and jewelry- as a relevant graphic and symbol, we adore what they mean to humans and the strength and happiness they provide. For fun elephant tees, jewelry and more, visit the website for all things elephant. :)