Start Prioritizing Yourself: Self Worth

Self Worth. What do these two words bring up for you? Maybe you feel uncomfortable when faced with them, like there is something lacking within you. Or, maybe you feel inspired and comfortable in the way you already value yourself. Whatever your relationship with these two little words is, it is time to fully claim and step into the power of Self Worth. 

Self Worth means that we see, recognize, and acknowledge our innate value. To begin recognizing and embodying self worth, we don’t need to change anything about ourselves. This path is more about accepting ourselves as we are right now, and then seeing that we are already enough, and therefore absolutely worthy of love, joy, and all the good life has to offer. 

Perhaps your relationship to self worth has taken a hit if you have experienced traumas, or damaging relationships in which your worth was dismissed, ignored, and shunned. I want to share with you that even if this was your experience, the truth is that you are, and always have been worthy of love. 

So how do we begin acknowledging our self worth and prioritizing ourselves without feeling guilty or selfish? Well, we have to reprogram our minds to believe that valuing ourselves is neither selfish nor shameful, and instead, it is our birthright. 

We can begin implementing these new beliefs through the power of positive affirmations and curious introspection through journaling. 

Read on as I share my favorite Self Worth Affirmations designed to connect you to the truth of your infinite value: 

I am a valuable and special person 

I deserve love, joy, and all good that life has to offer

I have always been worthy of love and peace

I see my value and honor it with loving thoughts, actions, and words

I am at peace with who I am 

Repeat these affirmations to yourself daily to improve feelings of self worth within you. As you further embody your value, you will naturally begin to prioritize and support yourself in profound and uplifting ways. 

To continue going deeper on this journey of healing your relationship to Self Worth, give these 4 journal prompts a try: 

  1. What is something you love about yourself and why? 
  2. What three things would you tell your younger self and why? 
  3. What is a negative belief you have about yourself and what can you do to offer love, and healing to this belief? 
  4. I am worthy of…

Continue working to recognize your value, because you are more than enough just as you are. You become unstoppable when you embrace your authentic self, and the world will reflect that love right back to you. Be brave, stand tall, and always know that you are worthy.