Simple Yoga Sequence for Self Love

Beautiful Tribe, you deserve to feel loved and supported each and every day- and this starts from within. We must learn how to love ourselves in the way we desire to be loved, and one of my favorite ways to care for myself is through carving out time for gentle yoga. 

Yoga has helped me to heal by soothing and regulating my nervous system, reducing anxiety, improving sleep and self esteem, as well as providing physical and emotional relief. 

Next time you feel ready for a dose of self love and care, give this simple, beginner flow a try! These poses are designed to open your heart to love, and ground you in a sense of worthiness. 

Lets begin! 

Child’s pose

Beginning on your hands and knees, open the knees as wide as the mat and bring your big toes together. Now, walk your hands forward, melting your heart towards the earth and resting your forehead on the mat. 

Relax into the pose and breathe deeply. Feel safe, nourished, and grounded here. Rest for 1-5 minutes.


Puppy pose

Coming back to the hands and knees, do your best to keep the hips over the knees while taking a big step forward with both hands. From there, slowly melt the heart towards the floor. You will feel a deep stretch through the chest, shoulders, and underarms. Hold for 1-2 minutes, surrendering to your opening heart. 


Seated Forward Fold

Seated with the legs extended out long in front of you, feel free to add a bend to the knees. When youre ready, slowly hinge forward, folding from the hips. Drop your chin to your chest and let the head hang. Do your best to allow the shoulders to round forward as you rest in your fold, opening up the back of your heart space. Rest for 1-5 minutes


Bridge Pose

Lyign on your back with your feet plante hip width apart and your knees to the sky, place your arms by your sides, palms facing down. When you’re ready, press the heels into the floor and lift the hips towards the sky. Feel free to encourage the heart to lift and oen as well. You can even tilt the chin up and interlace the hands beneath the low back if you’d like. Hold for a few breaths and then slowly lower back down. 



Rest comfortably, lying back on your mat and fully surrendering to stillness. Take a few minutes to let the practice settle into your body and then gently reawaken and return to the rest of your day. 

Self love is a practice, and that is why it is so important we find healthy and fun ways to help ourselves heal and grow on this journey. If you enjoyed this practice, take a photo of yourself in one of these self love yoga poses and tag us on instagram ! 

May you go forth in love.