Self Care For Sick Days

Being sick is awful, and it’s easy to feel sorry for ourselves when we’re dealing with illness or disease of any kind. Illness can make it feel like everything in our world is wrong, and during times like this, we see our life in various shades of depressing gray. However, even though we may be stuck in bed, we can still show up for ourselves. 

Read on as I share my favorite ways to practice self care when you’re feeling under the weather. 

The best way we can offer ourselves care when we are sick is by accepting our current situation and circumstance. We must acknowledge that we are unwell and that our bodies are asking for rest and patience as we recover. This is so important, because during times of illness, it can be so easy to focus on the negative- thinking about all of the other things that we could be doing, if only we were well. Rather than dwelling on that which is not our current reality, commit to listening and honoring your needs right now. Allow yourself to be sick, knowing that the less you resist, the quicker you can recover. 

After accepting our situation and surrendering to the fact that we need time, rest, and care in order to return to wellness, it is very important to listen to our bodies. 

When you’re sick, your body may ask you to sleep a few extra hours, or to eat/drink a specific variety of food or beverage. Trust the messages that your body brings you now knowing that these messages are for your best benefit. Your body may also ask you to take time off work so that you can recover in a dedicated manner. It is so important to release any feelings of guilt or shame around honoring our needs, especially when we are ill. Stand up for what you need and do your best to listen to your body’s guidance. This is the quickest path to recovery. 

Now that you are accepting your situation and listening to your body, it’s time to simply find a positive way to help the time pass. Being sick requires a lot of patience, because we have to step back and allow our bodies to do what they need to do, even though we may feel miserable along the way. This process we cannot speed up or slow down. We must simply surrender and trust that this too shall pass (it will, I promise you!)

Queue up your favorite comfort movie or tv show, read, or listen to music or a podcast. Whatever you choose, just make sure it promotes relaxation and rest- two things you need to recover. 

It can be just as difficult mentally as it is physically to be ill. So do yourself a favor and implement these simple tips into your life next time you’re feeling under the weather. Remember, these challenges will pass and you’ll be back on your feet soon!