Recovering From A Bad Day

Ever have a day so terrible you just wish you could rewind the clock and start over? Well, since altering time isn’t an option, it's important to find ways to actively recover from a day that feels steeped in negativity. Read on as I share relatable ways to heal from a bad day with compassion, self love, and ease. 

  • It’s important to acknowledge a “bad day” when it happens. By validating our experience we kickstart our recovery, and doing this allows us to honor the authentic emotions that the day brought about. Once you are in a safe, peaceful, and neutral environment, allow yourself to take the necessary time to process the difficult emotions that were felt throughout your day. This can be done through journaling about exactly what happened and how this made you feel. You may also want to check in with a loved one to share and open up- but first, ask them if they are willing to hold space for a heavier conversation out of respect for their emotional boundaries. You may also simply want to talk it out to yourself in your bedroom. Sometimes this helps us to gain a new perspective, or it can just be a way for us to get things off our chest. 

  • After validating your experience and beginning to process some of the challenging emotions you experienced, it’s time for some self care. On days like this, I recommend making yourself as comfortable as possible. Get on your coziest clothes, light candles in your home, and create a space that feels full of ease, comfort and support. Perhaps you’d like to grab your favorite cup of tea and put on your favorite comfort movie (try to stick to positive or inspiring genres), or maybe you want to curl up with that new fantasy book that’s been sitting on your bedside table. This is all about creating a safe and comfortable space for yourself and then engaging in something positive to shift your mood and energy. Any other self care activities that uplift and nourish you, feel free to engage in them now! 

  • Now that you’ve taken time to honor your emotions and engage in some comforting self care, it’s time to lovingly reflect one last time before bed. Consider a new intention for the next day and ask yourself how you’d like to feel during the next day. What are the things you’d like to experience more as you embark on this new day? Take a moment to reflect on these questions and based on what you discover, set a positive intention for the upcoming day. This can be as simple as one word that you’d like to embody such as “peace” or “optimism”. This can also be a longer intention such as “I intend to experience peace and gentleness in every interaction and experience today.” Whatever resonates with you, set that intention. Write your intention down in your planner or journal so that you can see it and reconnect to it in the morning. Simply let go and trust that no matter what, your intention will manifest in your new day. 

I am so proud of you for braving the ups and downs of life with compassion and love for yourself. Remember, loving yourself means committing to self care throughout the good and the bad. You are so brave. Enjoy these simple tips to help you recover from a rough day, and trust that there are brighter ones on the way.