Opening to the Infinite: Crown Chakra

Our Crown Chakra is the energy center that is known as the bridge to the cosmos. It connects us to everything in the universe and aligns us with the energy of true Oneness. This chakra is also the center of wisdom, enlightenment, and higher guidance. When this chakra is unbalanced or deficient we may experience spiritual disinterest, difficulty meditating, and/or a lack of connection to our world and those around us. 

One of the best ways to rebalance and nourish your chakras is through the use of positive affirmations. 

Below are a few of the most powerful Crown Chakra Affirmations that you can repeat and use anytime you feel disconnected from this vital energy center.

I am a spiritual being in a human body

I surrender to the love of the Universe

I am connected to all that is

I am divinely protected, inspired, and guided by the Universe and my Higher Self 

I trust the inner wisdom of my Higher Self 

I am connected to my spirit

I am a perfect benign of light, I have the power to live my life

Repeat these Crown Chakra affirmations anytime you need to connect to a sense of oneness and universal love. 

For more Crown Chakra clearing, healing, and activating, try these Crown Chakra journal prompts:

-How can I connect to my Highest Self more in my daily life? 

(i.e. through intuitive journaling, meditation, yoga, music, etc)

-Do I generally have faith in the universe? Write about a time I felt faith in the Universe and everything worked out for me. 

-How can I cultivate more peace in my daily life? 

-What does a day as my most trusting, spiritually enlightened, and connected self look like? How can I bring this energy into my life right now?