Move Forth in Love: Shadow Work PT 3

Dear Soul, 

So far on this journey we have discussed what shadow work is and how to begin this process. Today, I’d like to share my favorite affirmations for supporting your shadow work journey and additional resources that can offer you support. 

Remember that this is a journey, and it is okay to take it as slowly as feels right for you. There is no need to rush through this chapter of your healing, or to compare your progress to others. Where you are is enough and you are healing at your own pace. Continue moving forward in love for yourself as you integrate your shadows and your light into the fullness of your being. 

Affirmations for Shadow Work: 

I am now choosing to heal

I am healing at my own pace

It is safe for me to heal 

I will embrace my imperfections 

I will work on sitting with uncomfortable feelings

 I am grateful that every difficulty I’ve experienced  has taught me to be more compassionate and accepting 

The only approval and validation I need is my own 

I am learning to love every part of myself 

I am enough, and I deserve a life of love, peace, and abundance

I recocoment writing these affirmations down in your journal, and even posting the ones that speak most deeply to you around your home or bedroom. 

Pair these affirmations with the journal prompts that were shared in the previous blog post and trust in this journey of healing. 

Remember, take this journey slowly. Additionally, feel empowered to continue seeking support in this area of your healing. Reach out to a therapist, or find a free community support group that values healing and mental health. 

You are so worthy of the deepest healing possible, and shadow work will powerfully assist you in getting there. 

“The Shadow is needed now more than ever. We heal the world when we heal ourselves, and hope shines brightest when it illuminates the dark.” -Sara Graham