Loving Your Inner Child

Previously, we discussed the importance of getting to know and reparenting your Inner Child (see former blog post). Today, let’s tap into the playful personalities of our inner children and continue to deepen our connection to this part of ourselves through fun, healing, and nourishing activities. 

Read on to see how you can embrace and uplift your inner child, leading you to more healing, freedom, and fulfillment.

-Place a photo of your child self on the mirror you look into most. Every time you look in the mirror and feel the urge to say or think something negative- look into the eyes of your child self and realize that you wouldn’t wish to say those things to this child. Rather than feeling guilt or shame over this, see that you have the opportunity to offer words of love, kindness, and self acceptance in this moment. Choose a positive affirmation to repeat such as “I am enough just as I am,” or “I am learning to love myself,” and say this to yourself in the mirror, and to the photo of your child self.  This is the start of you giving yourself the love, assurance, and support that you have always yearned for.

-Dance to your favorite childhood songs and reconnect to that feeling of uninhibited freedom, joy, and playfulness. As you dance freely and fearlessly to your old favorite songs, consider how your inner child would feel seeing you now. They would be so proud of who you have become, and where you are on your journey. By engaging in a lighthearted activity like this, you are giving yourself permission to let your inner child play and express through your current self. Feel free to make a “Greatest childhood hits” playlist anytime you need to show your inner child some lighthearted support. 

-Revisit your childhood dreams and passions. Take a moment to look back and consider what your childhood dreams were: did you wish to be an artist? A dancer? A scientist? As you look back and remember what you once dreamed of, see if you still have an interest in these dreams. If you still feel a yearning desire to experience these things in your life, GO FOR IT! Give your inner child the greatest gift they could receive from you: the freedom to dream, try new things, and explore. You don’t need these activities to be your new career, and you don’t even need to be skilled at these things. Be like a child and sign up for a beginners art or dance class. Join a science or chess club. There are plenty of resources out there where you can connect with other adults who enjoy the same activities as you. You just  have to be brave enough to try something new! Kindly remind your inner child (and current self) that trying new things can be scary, but that you have all the courage you need within you. 

Aligning with our inner child is a transformative and powerfully rewarding journey! Best of all, this process can be fun and full of joy. With an open and brave heart, embrace playfulness and let your inner child guide you forth to your highest reality.