Just Breathe

Inhale, exhale, repeat.
For many years, I allowed my breath to control me. When difficult or busy times arose, my breath naturally shifted towards patterns of stress. Shortened breath, chest discomfort, and an ever-busy monkey mind were my constant companions. At this time in my life, I was disconnected from myself, my nervous system, and from the power of my breath. When I began my meditation journey many years ago, it was difficult to sit and focus on my breathing for just two minutes. My mind was trained to consistently attach to the flowing thoughts and stories inside of me and I felt like I didn't have the tools to create positive transformation here. Although beginning my meditation journey was an obstacle course of navigating negative thoughts, a busy mind, and my daily todo list, my breath kept calling me back to that inner world of stillness and calm. As I continued on this journey, my healing began, birthed from my breath. Over time I was able to not only focus on my breath for longer periods, but I was also able to connect to that quiet, heart space we all have within us. From that space, my mind grew calmer and stronger. I felt more connected to myself, and more capable of flowing with life. Most importantly, offering myself this consistent nourishment and support opened my heart to moving through life rooted in love, rather than fear. Our breath can be used to soothe our nerves, especially if we are in a heightened state of stress
or anxiety. We can choose to take a moment of quiet in the morning, while we are sitting in traffic, on a lunch break, or during a meeting, to shift our focus and create powerful transformation from the inside out. By taking this time to connect to ourselves through breath work, we are allowing full acceptance for the way we show up in each moment. We cannot get back a past breath, or breathe a future one. All we have is this inhale, this exhale. This here and now experience. By courageously returning to presence we take back our power and consciously
move forward in our day. When we do this, we are more likely to listen to our bodies and to honor our needs. We cultivate patience, trust, and an openness to life. Our breath is our steadfast anchor to a more mindful and openhearted existence. You already have everything you need to begin now.
Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.