Hug A Tree: What Trees Have to Teach Us

Trees are everywhere, and we see them all the time, yet how often do we stop to truly acknowledge the beauty, power, and magic of trees? Trees are alive, and they have so much wisdom to share with us if we are willing to open up and receive their messages. 

Trees are the lungs of Mother Earth, and by extension- our external lungs. Without trees, we would not be alive to experience this beautiful and bountiful Planet. 

When we remember this, it becomes hard not to appreciate trees! 

So what exactly are Trees trying to teach us?

Well, to start, trees show us the beauty and strength of interconnectedness and community. Imagine  a large forest with hundreds of trees. Above the surface, you may not notice anything connecting them all together; however, when you travel beneath the soil you will see that all trees are connected to one another through their root system. Each tree is interwoven intimately with the next, and through this system they actually communicate with each other, share and redistribute nutrients and resources, and form a powerful and familial bond. 

Trees highlight the power of connection, and want to remind us that even though we may not be able to see the invisible thread that connects all of us, it is there- woven through our very being and unifying us with all of humankind. 

Trees also show us how to live in harmony with the natural cycles and seasons of life. Trees blossom and bear fruit in the Spring months, embracing the fullness and beauty of life until the end of a lively and vivacious Summer. When Autumn comes around, trees release all that is old and no longer serving them, creating space for eventual new growth. In Winter, the Trees sleep deeply. Resting without the need to create. 

Trees offer us the guidance to live in tune with the seasons and harmony of nature, showing us that we do not have to live in an eternal Summer of action, creation, and energy. The trees remind us of the value and necessity of each cycle and show us how to align and rehomarnize with them.

One of the most special messages that trees bring to us is to remain rooted and grounded in life. Just like the trees, we can allow ourselves to establish a deep connection with the Earth, and to feel nourished and held by Her. Grounding is a powerful practice that reconnects us to feelings of safety, stability, and security; so visualize your roots reaching deep into the Earth and nourishing you with the healing energy of our Planet. Connecting to the imagery of your own “Roots” can also work to powerfully connect you to the magic and medicine of your ancestors. Practice grounding with this simple “rooting” visualization, or simply sit beneath a tree and soak up the energy of the Earth through your feet. 

At this point, I hope that you are ready to run outside and hug your nearest tree to thank them for allowing us to breathe, and also for teaching us how to live more balanced, healthy lives. 

Trees are a necessary treasure that we sometimes take for granted. Shift your perspective and see the absolute beauty and power in the simplest sapling. 

Get out there and thank a Tree next time you see one.

I believe that they are listening, and ready to return all the love that we share with them.