Finding Stillness

In this instance, right here and now, can you allow yourself to become still and embrace the beauty of the moment before you? So often in life we rush through our experiences, forgetting to slow down and immerse ourselves in the gifts of the present moment. 

Life happens only in the present. The future has not arrived, and the past will never return. The present moment is our greatest gift, and it can only be truly appreciated when we allow ourselves to be still, to listen, to honor, and to embrace what is right in front of us. 

In our modern society, stillness is not often appreciated or honored. We are constantly pushed to rush, give, and create more. We are encouraged to pack as much productivity into one day as possible- even when it leaves us feeling drained, burnt out, and unnourished. 

Although we do live in a capitalist society that encourages us to live in this way, it is our right to live peacefully, slowly, and in a way that truly honors us; and because this is not something we are taught how to do- we have to forge our own way forward. 

Allowing ourselves to slow down and truly care for ourselves creates a much more fulfilling life. If you are used to overgiving and working until you’re burnt out, then it is high time you learned how to make friends with stillness. Embracing stillness is about cultivating mindfulness and appreciation for the present moment, and knowing that where we find ourselves is enough. 

Stillness helps anchor us to the present moment, because we are allowing ourselves to take time to truly observe and experience the moment that is directly before us, without needing to change anything. 

Reclaim your right to drop deeply into stillness, and allow your heart and soul to fill with the peace that comes from taking a pause. You deserve this. Take a deep breath, be still, and open your eyes to the beauty that is right in front of you.