Self Care for Anxiety

Anxiety can feel completely debilitating, and unfortunately, it is a commonly shared experience amongst millions across the globe. Anxiety can keep us stuck and separated from our power and joy. It can negatively impact our sleep, our relationships, and our ability to self regulate. When dealing with anxiety, it is incredibly important to implement supportive self care practices that can provide relief from these overwhelming feelings. If you are suffering from serious anxiety (or depression) I recommend seeking out professional support. 

Read on as I share my favorite affirmations and healing journal prompts for Anxiety Relief:

Affirmations for Anxiety Relief 

I release patterns of fearful thinking from my mind 

I am breathing more deeply now, connecting to an infinite resource of peace 

All is well in my world 

I am allowing my breath to calm me

I am allowing my breath to comfort and reassure me 

I am always safe 

Everything is okay. I can relax and let go of fear. 

I am always loved 

I am always supported 

I am allowing myself to be at peace 

I am allowing myself to see that all is well 

Journal Prompts for Anxiety Relief 

  1. Write out a list of easy self care activities that soothe your anxiety. Reach for this list and choose an item off of it next time you’re feeling overwhelmed. 
  2. What is something I need to let go? 
  3. What is my anxiety lying to me about at this moment? 
  4. Today I am grateful for…

You are so worthy of support and healing as you  navigate your own anxiety and self care journey. Remember that you hold so much power when it comes to your own wellness- so courageously honor your needs,  and commit to being gentle with yourself. You are here for a reason.