Journaling Journey: Discovering Your Purpose and Passions

Passion is the spark of creativity and expression that lives within each of us. We each come to Earth with different gifts, skills, and things that light us up! These things are all our passions. 

It may feel hard to connect with your own passion at times, and that is okay! It is so important that we find ways to cultivate the flow of this empowering and creative energy so that we can live a life aligned with what truly makes us happy! When we are separated from our passions, we may naturally feel a general lackluster for life, a sense of unfullfilment, and a yearning for deeper expression and joy. Our passions are our medicine- not only do our passions help us to heal, but by expressing our authenticity and soul-joy, we help others to heal and do the same. 

 Are you ready to live a life aligned with your heart’s truth and your soul’s passions? 

Read on to begin a journaling journey designed to take you to the heart of your passion(s):

Each of these short prompts is designed to be done as a ‘free writing exercise’ this means that you are encouraged to spend just a few (2-3) minutes on each prompt initially, before moving onto the next. 

Grab your journals and let's begin! 

Prompt 1: These things in my life bring me a sense of purpose, joy, and fulfillment… 

Prompt 2: My greatest passions in my life are….

Prompt 3: I am feeling most inspired and aligned with my heart when I am…

Once you have spent at least 2-3 minutes free writing on each prompt, stop! You are ready to move on to the next step in uncovering your passions! 

Now, take a moment to read over your journal entries between all three prompts. Use a different colored pen or marker and begin to circle all of the things that you’ve written that overlap from multiple prompts. For example, perhaps you’ve written in prompt 1 that movement brings you joy and purpose; and in prompt 2 you’ve listed yoga as one of your greatest passions. Circle these two things as they relate to the same core passion! Take your time as you highlight and reveal the core values of your passions. 

Once you have completed the exercise, take a moment to ask yourself: do you feel clearer on your passion? And, how can I begin living life in alignment with my passions, one baby step at a time? Journal about this if you feel called to. 

Do not feel overwhelmed, beautiful souls! Remember, you can always return to these prompts anytime you need a greater sense of clarity and inspiration. This is the first step towards living a more aligned and joyful life. Your passions are a part of you for a reason, so share them and let your light shine bright! You are worthy of being seen for exactly who you are!