Easter Egg Hunts: A Twist on Tradition

Hey friends,

Easter is fast approaching! We’re going to keep things light and talk about some fun Easter egg hunt ideas that you can incorporate into your holiday celebration. Gather the whole family or get together with friends and enjoy some good, old-fashioned Easter egg hunting fun. Sure, when you think of an Easter egg hunt, you’re likely thinking about searching for candy in an egg- a common activity for children to participate in each and every year. But we’re about to get crafty in our egg hunt approach. Here are some fun ways to make your Easter egg hunt perfect for all ages. 

Scavenger Hunt

This unique approach will have your family excited to figure out clues. Place a clue in each egg about the next egg’s whereabouts. Follow the clues until all the eggs have been retrieved. You can make it interesting with a grand prize at the end. You can even take this event to a local community park or public outdoor place to make it bigger and more challenging. The adventure factor is unlimited on this one and is sure to be fun for the whole family to participate in. 

Glow Party

This one is sure to bring a bit of excitement to an otherwise daytime event. Wait until night falls and power up with some glow sticks. All the hidden eggs have now become a more complex search using only glow sticks as light sources. This challenge will get competitive really quick and is perfect for all ages. Keep it inside if weather isn’t permitting an outdoor hunt. Make it more exciting with a prize for whoever finds the most eggs. This nighttime approach is sure to be a memorable event. 

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

This one is similar to the scavenger hunt but is a bit more complex- Create a map to follow that leads to each egg. Retrieve all the eggs on the map before your opposing team can. Adding a little competition makes it a fun family event for all. Break off into teams or keep it a solo effort. A grand prize at the end is certain to motivate each participating person. Get super creative and go to a local spot if weather permits. The options are endless with this one and it is certain to become a yearly tradition to look forward to. 

Relay Race

Let’s add a little physical activity to this annual event. This fun twist on a classic egg hunt is sure to be a hit with the athletes in the family. Hide the eggs as you normally would but set the rule that you can only grab one egg at a time. They have to bring their egg back to a designated location before moving on to the next. Set the timer to see how many they can get in a certain amount of allotted time. You can also make it a bit more challenging by color coding the eggs and giving each person a specific color to find. The person with the most eggs gets to be the winner of the Relay Race. This fun approach is sure to be your favorite competitive activity each Easter.

Prize Redeemable Egg Hunt

This fun idea is great to keep things exciting and add a different element to the egg hunt. Place tickets inside of each egg with dollar amounts. At the end of the hunt, tally up their amounts and have them cash in at a prize booth. Set up a table with different prizes to choose from. This can range from kid to adult items that you know your family will love and enjoy. This exciting twist is sure to become the talk of the holiday. 

Hosting a more specialized egg hunt is sure to be something your family looks forward to every year. With these unique twists on a classic hunt, it makes it the perfect opportunity to include all ages in the family. Here’s to hoping you get to try one of these ideas out with the family at your holiday celebration. Wishing you a safe and happy Easter.