Purple and the Butterfly

“Soo, what’s with all the purple and the butterflies?”

Our mission here at Vibes Tribe is to help you transform.

First this must occur within, then it will allow you to manifest your life into whatever you want it to be.

Transform within, manifest without.

We believe this level of manifesting positivity and happiness into our lives can only be done through elevating our level of emotional and spiritual understanding—higher state of mind and being.

The butterfly is a very powerful symbol of transformation.  Around the world, many different cultures have come to identify the butterfly with change, hope, rebirth, new life, and endless potential. 

All things Vibes Tribe.

VIbes Tribe Butterfly

Most interestingly to us, the butterfly also represents “elevation from earthly matters, and a tuning into the emotional or spiritual”.  In other words, the butterfly can be seen as a symbol of transformation into a higher state of being.

This brings us to our chosen purple.

In many ancient meditation practices, different focal points of the spine are associated with visual “chakras”.  Each chakra represents a different, spiritual center of the body, each one responsible for different energies and potentials.

Vibes Tribe Chakra Illustration

The “crown chakra”, known in Sanskrit as Sahasrara (literally “thousand-petaled” lotus), is the very highest energy center of all the 7 chakras, located at the crown of the head.

It represents enlightenment, emotional balance, knowledge of the self, connection with spirituality, and peace in life. (This is why the lotus symbol is so widely used in different Yoga and meditation industries.)

The color associated with this energy point is a purple violet.

We combined the energy of the chakra’s color and all it represents, with the symbolism of transformation in the butterfly, in order to say:

“We believe in the spiritual connection and transformation into our higher selves.”

In each one of us rests the potential for this change. 

And if we can change ourselves inside (transformation), we can change our lives outside (manifesting), and then anything is possible.    

Vibes Tribe Flying Butterfly