Our Cause and Our Program

Mental health problems are at an all-time high.




Rates of suicide, depression, and anxiety have never been higher, and I’d venture to guess that levels of self-esteem have never been lower. 


Many people must resort to spending hundreds EACH MONTH just trying to increase their mental health.




Many different factors of our modern world contribute to this. 


Between work, school, societal unrest...the pressure has never felt higher.




It’s a fight out there.




But there’s no shame in fighting mental health; we consider it an honor.




And we believe that the most amount of change and impact comes from arming and supporting those on the front lines.



That's why we wanted to make Vibes Tribe more than just a store.


We do our part in this war on mental health by focusing our efforts on our own Tribe...


We send Digital Publications via email to our entire subscriber/customer base, featuring motivation, energy, philosophy and more to be used in order to strengthen your mind, body, and soul
Completely free
Subscribe to the Tribe by simply purchasing any of our products (making sure to check "subscribe" to our email list at checkout)
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And Join thousands of like-minded individuals as we RISE. Together.

You can unsubscribe anytime (or you can just email support and we’ll take it from there), and you can return any products for full refunds if you’re not completely satisfied. 


There’s nothing to lose, and inner-power to discover.


We can’t fight the battle for you, but we’ve set out on a mission to equip as many warriors (not worriers) as possible with the weapons and morale they need to aid them in this battle.




Our cause is mental health. Our focus is you.