You Are Here For A Reason

Sometimes in life, we feel alone. This feeling of disconnection and loneliness can be so heavy and difficult, and it is an experience that many people are familiar with. I want to take a  moment today to remind you that even in these times, you matter, and you always have. When we feel alone, it may cause us to feel unimportant, forgotten, and even meaningless. These feelings are real, and it can be hard to return to the light in these times of darkness and struggle. The truth is that no one deserves to be forgotten, and no one deserves to fade away. 

These things that you are going through right now are making you stronger, and you will grow through these life challenges. Experiences like this will help to deepen your compassion, understanding, and acceptance of others; and it is important for you to realize and understand that this is temporary. Things will change for you. Until then, know how special you are. Know that each breath you take matters. Know that you are here for a reason. You are a divine, unique, spectacular miracle of life, and this world needs you. 

You need to know that you are never forgotten. You are never alone. You matter. You are loved. 

Please  remember that your soul was destined to shine like a beacon of light through even the darkest of nights. Everything about you is loved and worthy of life. When you feel full of doubt and lost on your path, embrace and share your unique gifts, your voice, and your unlimited power to create change. You are the one this world has been waiting for. Shine brightly and fearlessly, your heart always knows the way. 

MMost importantly, never doubt this truth: 

You are here for a reason, 

And the world needs you.